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Utterances of the Heart” unfolds at the intersection of art, language, and love, and will feature words – sentences – about higher love, written in German and sculpturally interpreted and lighted like previous works by Wolfram Alderson. Each will serve as a flash – a semaphore – of love, broadcasting across time and space.

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Alan Beckstead, Artist

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Giant Puppet Project – One Journey Festival 2019

National Cathedral, Washington, DC

Wolfram’s first exhibition of Giant Puppets, featured at the One Journey Festival at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. 

Art and love are universal languages and when entwined, can be extremely powerful. These languages transcend all species and beings. You might look at the opossum and think, “Well, how can that animal be an artist? How can that animal know love?” The opossum is art in action, love in action, and embodies these “concepts” as a way of being. True art, true love transcends superficial notions of who makes art, and who makes love and allows our heart-mind to experience what is truly possible. Art and love aren’t made, we simply allow these energies to flow through us, to manifest in us and to reveal themselves in our actions and creations. Welcome to the healing zone.

Wolfram Alderson

Artist and Change Maker,