social impact

(the effect you or your organization has on the well being of society) 

It’s critical to clearly differentiate between the broad term of “impact” and a more deliberate definition of social impact. Impact on its own implies an influence or effect on virtually anything, given its context. Social impact, however is grounded in the effect it has on a pressing social challenge.
– Michigan Ross, Center for Social Impact, University of Michigan

an integrated approach

[focus on building on online ecosystem]

rather than a scattershot approach to online communications 

Some of the ways we can assist you include the following:

Build and Develop an Online Ecosystem

  • Assess content assets / social media assets needed to establish a massive online following

  • Assemble an Online Ecosystem Matrix & Dashboard – the basis for metrics-driven social impact / online presence

Strategic Communications, Partnerships, and Events

  • Build or transform your website – establish the hub of your online communications ecosystem to drive a sustainable following

  • Establish a master narrative arc, timeline, and goals for consistent and compelling online communications presence

  • Identify supportive partners, allies, social media influencers – vital to expanding your following

  • Develop engaging social media content: banners, infographics, block-quotes, podcasts, live-casting interviews, and campaigns that leverage impact and following

  • Produce national and local events leveraging engagement and gravitas, or seek opportunities to participate / collaborate in existing events

  • As needed, access a talented and affordable team of programmers, graphic designers, and content developers

  • Develop high level documents: case statements, funding proposals, brochures, and strategic plans

  • Assist with cultivating partnerships, media, and speaking opportunities

  • Engage and partner with individuals and organizations that want to leverage social impact

“Regardless of what you sell, you must become a media company.”
-Phil Van Treuren, Digital Marketer

Leverage your online presence to create powerful and sustainable social impacts.