Metabolic Health & Nutrition

Translational Science and Mass Market Media Strategies
for intersecting fields of Metabolic Health & Nutrition

Metabolic Health & Nutrition Projects


Delivering Art, Science, and Impactful Education to Millions

Global Education Director for Dr. Robert Lustig
Designed, built, and maintain website.

Wolfram steered the Institute for Responsible Nutrition toward becoming an influential voice in the debate over processed food versus real food.
Robert Lustig, MD, MSL

Pediatric Neuroendocrinologist

Content and Social Media Strategy Advisor for the Aging, Metabolism & Emotion Center, UCSF
New website design on Drupal platform:

CEO. Designed, built and maintain website.

Founder and Executive Director
Institute for Responsible Nutrition

Design, built and maintain website
Nutrition Toolbox

Nutrition Toolbox

Eat REAL Alliance

Marketing Strategy


Building a Following – from Strategy to Tactics to Impact

Wolfram’s passion for food security extends across decades of work advocating for the under-served and he is a pioneer in the movement for a more equitable and healthy food system. I appreciate Wolfram’s collaborative spirit and his advanced skills in creating social impact, forging creative strategies for online education, building community, and establishing productive partnerships.
Patrick O'Neill

CEO, Amp Your Good

Online Ecosystems


A systemic approach to online communications.

Health Campaigns


Sustained and engaging approaches to changing lifestyle.


Dr. Sweetstuff



Public Relations and Advocacy, Regional & National Conferences


Metabolic Health & Nutrition Across the Life Span – 2018
(Swedish Hospital)

Pediatric Metabolic Health & Nutrition Summit – 2017
(Swedish Hospital)

Stanford University Food Summit – Poster for Wellness City Challenge

Stanford University Food Summit – Poster for Collective Roots

Live and online high impact events.

Hungry for Change Symposium

Fed Up Premier

Real Food Fun Event

Future of Food
Fundraising Soirée

Sugar Coated Documentary
U.S. Premier Event
Including Real Food Hackathon



Translate complex health issues into viral graphics that inform and inspire change.


Video Productions & Live Social Media

Educational, entertaining, and engaging content strategy & content.

Sweet Revenge program available in English and Spanish versions. Funded by foundations. Distributed via public television and through organizations as fundraising premium. Available online via Advise & Consent.

Sweet Revenge -Turning the Tables on Processed Food

Public Television Program – Advisory Role, Fund Development, Promotion
Seen by over one million people on 400 public television stations.

Wolfram and I worked together in coordinating and running webinars for the IRN. Wolfram is gifted at bringing people together for a cause, uniting them in voice, and amplifying that voice a hundred times over. I witnessed Wolfram gather a prestigious board, direct public education, and conceive, develop and coordinate events and fundraisers through multiple mediums. He’s not only competent and skilled, but he’s creative, compassionate, good-natured, and highly likable – a special combination indeed.

Luci Gabel, MA, MBA

Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Coach, Presenter and Content Manager, LuciFit

Hungry for Change Live Social
Periscope / Twitter Livecast 

Hacking the American Mind Interview

Real Food Fun Event
Panel Discussion – YouTube

Dr. Robert Lustig & Dale Bredesen
Live Facebook Conversation

Live Facebook Conversation
Hungry for Change Symposium

Keeping it Real 

Facebook Live Broadcast

Tweet Story – Storify
Hungry for Change Symposium