Children at Full Circle Farm, Sunnyvale, California – Photo Credit: Wolfram Alderson

“Wolfram is a visionary, a developer and administrator of innovative programs. He works tirelessly to develop teams and bring visions to life.”

Gurucharan Khalsa, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Wolfram Alderson

Wolfram Alderson


Lifetime Advocate for Human and Environmental Health.

Metabolical Warrior. Advocate for Real Food. Artist.

Four decades of experience in diverse social impact sectors.

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My entry into social change work was organizing the first Certified Farmers’ Markets in California. Here is story about that.




When we understand that love is not just emotion, but intelligence, then we are on the evolutionary road. Love is an extremely advanced body of knowledge, but we put more time into learning how to drive a car (study for an exam, pass a test, demonstrate driving skills, etc.). The sum of real knowledge and real love are real existence. If it doesn’t come from love, it isn’t real. The heart is far more than a glorious pump, it is a wisdom engine, a source of actionable intelligence, a divine communication device that sends information faster than the speed of light.

Wolfram Alderson