Organization Development


Catalyzing your organization to reach the next level of organization development.

Four decades serving in key leadership roles involving design, development, and administration of innovative programs that improve human and environmental health, employing a diverse range of strategies and tactics.

Galvanizing Vision to Strategy to Social Impact

Founding Executive Director
Institute for Responsible Nutrition
(Merged with the United States Healthful Food Council – Eat REAL)

Over the last two decades, I have been priveleged to helped lead the process of establishing several new nonprofits as well as take existing nonprofits to the next level or help them through challenging stages of development. I am also blessed with four decades of experience working for nonprofits matched with two degrees in organizational leadership and development.

Wolfram Alderson

Organizational Assessment and Development

Over the course of many years, I have developed this framework for analyzing and developing organizations.

This framework includes all the key elements of an organization and its development.

What I learned at USF is that it isn’t enough to simply protest, march, or occupy (albeit, worthy elements of social change themselves). Systems change means digging in over the long haul to administer, to fix, and, in some cases, to disrupt and replace broken systems.

Wolfram Alderson

Change Agent,

Global Education Director
Dr. Robert Lustig


Chief Impact Officer
Start Up

Organization Development &
Social Impact / Online Ecosystem
The Nutrition Coalition

Establishing an Advancement Ecosystem
That Runs Like Clockwork


Serving as Executive Director of nonprofits for over a decade, I have helped organizations advance through forging strong strategic planning processes and organizational development initiatives. I provide nonprofits with a wide range of consulting – including fiscal management and fundraising/advancement strategy and infrastructure, and mergers.

Detailed Scope of Services

Thirty-five years of passionate service in key leadership roles involving design, development, and administration of innovative programs and organizations that support diverse populations and needs.

In strategic collaboration and partnership, my clients have included nonprofits, social service agencies, educational institutions and school districts, community and religious organizations, and public gardens.

My professional interest is to apply my skills to help create and support visionary organizations and programs that inspire people to excel and lead change in the world.


Areas of Consulting Expertise

Organization Development

  • Logic Models, Theory of Change, & Strategic Planning
  • Mergers
  • Program Assessment & Development
  • Empowerment & Community Building Strategies
  • Change & Diversity Initiatives
  • Forms & Organization Charts
  • Partnership & Collaboration Development
  • Quality Assurance: Developing Metrics, Standards, & Benchmarks
  • Retreat Planning & Facilitation
  • Knowledge & Content Management
  • Administrative-Operations Review & Reorganization
  • Contract Compliance & Monitoring Systems


  • Public Relations, Marketing, Fundraising, Volunteers, & Events
  • Linkage of Fiscal Operations & Programs
  • Communications & Multimedia
  • Social Documentation & Digital Storytelling
  • Internal & External Communication Plans, Information Technology Plans

Capacity Building and Customized Training Programs

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Productivity and Motivation Enhancement
  • Team Building & Conflict Resolution
  • Requirements of the Service Domain
  • Volunteer Engagement

Program Development

  • Program Dynamics, Logic Models, Conceptualization, Integration & Flow
  • Outreach & Engagement Strategies, Customer Service Programs (Feedback & Grievances)
  • Specialized Program Design
    • Horticulture Therapy, Urban Agriculture, Environmental Horticulture
    • Community Food Systems, Farmers’ Markets, Nutrition Education Strategies
    • Innovative Treatment Strategies, Expressive Arts, Vocational Rehabilitation
    • International Development, Field Studies & Internship Programs
    • Chronic Homelessness, Housing First, Integrated Treatment Strategies

Corporate and Community Relations

  • Provide strategic direction for corporate and community relations and provide planning and direction for corporate involvement, including employee volunteerism, corporate giving, and employee giving.

Fund Development

  • Develop funding strategies, systems, and sources that match client needs, mission, goals, and activities.

  • Establish a “development clock,” a year round schedule of fund development activities.

  • Develop a sophisticated cased statement for major donors.

  • Foundation Funding 

    • Grant Funding Research 
      Assist organization with completed proposal, look for possible funding  sources, or re-draft proposal to fit the guidelines of a new funding source
    • Grant Funding Review
      Review completed proposals prior to submission to assure completeness and fit with funding guidelines
    • Grant Proposal Evaluation
      Evaluation and assessment of the proposal, without doing the rewrites – summative or formative expression of the proposal contents
    • Grant Writing
      Conceptualization and drafting of grant proposals – submittal of drafts for review before finalization
    • Grant Submittal
      Assistance with grant submittals
    • Grant Program Design
      Design of new program, or detailed description of existing programs (logic models, theory of change, etc.)
    • Grant System Development
      Design and development of grant support structures and solutions within the organization. For example: development of master grant proposal template, forms for tracking grants, process charts, etc.
    • Grant Outcomes Management
      Assist organization with managing grant outcomes, deadlines, reports, etc.