Our bodies and minds have been hacked, as Dr. Robert Lustig states in his book, Hacking of the American Mind. One of the big vehicles for hacking us is the food system. Everything we eat moves through an elaborate, multifaceted process that is poorly understood – in fact, industry, hand in hand with government, conspires to be sure we are deprived of critical information that affects our health and longevity.

The food system has been hacked. It is literally a black box; most people have no idea what is being done to their food, what is being added to their food, etc…. it is a dumping ground, a massive experiment on human health that has failed – and the consequences are glaring at us in the global pandemic of metabolic disease.

This massive experiment – the biggest hack in human history – is costing us a fortune: “When people’s diets are bad, health systems pay the price in the form of increased treatments for noncommunicable diseases. From 2010 to 2025, this economic burden is expected to add up to $7 trillion.”

Food is information and the information about our food is difficult to access, understand and apply. Our food is no longer just food, it is laden with thousands of chemicals that have been added through food production and processing. One way of looking at this problem, is that we are in an information war, and we are losing that war – we are literally being slaughtered. This war is costing more lives than all other global conflicts combined; these are just the U.S. statistics:

We will all die from metabolic disease before government and industry provide the data we really need. Right now, most consumers are flying blind. We need solutions that leap past industry and government and provide tools that pull the lid off of the black box that is our food system so you can see what is inside, and make informed decisions based on reliable data in real time. I’m working with some of my German friends to solve this problem – we are still in “stealth mode,” but stay tuned for more news on this front!