To San Francisco, California friends and colleagues this is an urgent request.

My friend Catherine Dodd, PhD, RN, FAAN, has been working on SF adopting safe cellular tech now for over a year rather than antennas 9 feet from residential windows every 500 feet.

Please act now.

This will only take 3 minutes.  Nothing radical here – not espousing any wild 5g conspiracy theories, just reasonable safety protocols.

Copy, paste, send!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 10am deadline to comment on dangerous, ugly, “objective standards” being proposed by San Francisco Department of Public Works

Please email: [email protected] 

Subject: PW order no. 203367 Objective Standards.

Say: I object to DPW moving forward with “objective standards” until we know what is safe.  Standards should include:

  • Adoption of these Objective Standards should be postponed until the SF DPH issues its anticipated report on safety.
  • Requirement of proof of Gap in Coverage by a certified independent engineer. This is an objective measurement. The 1996 Telecom Act allows proof of Gap in Coverage as a requirement for approval of Personal Wireless Facilities aka 4+5G small cell antennas.  This proof should be required as a SF standard.
  • Compliance with FCC emission standards is an objective measurement. SF DPH requires that “carriers” report their compliance and test 10 days after the antenna is installed. There should be monitoring of these carrier reports by an independent engineer and at random unannounced times.
  • Compliance with FCC sound standards is a measurable objective standard and should be measured on an annual basis at random unannounced times.
  • The revision produced by DPW still allows 3 antennas per pole, the maximum should be 2.
  • The revision allows FIVE distinctive ancillary cabinets/components per pole – this should be a maximum of TWO.
  • The revision allows the total volume of ancillary equipment to be 28 cubic feet (the size of a refrigerator) this will be an aesthetic blight in our neighborhoods!  Local government is allowed to take aesthetics into account in its standards – a refrigerator sized attachment to poles every 500 – 700 feet is aesthetically unacceptable, as well as dangerous.
  • Limiting total volume of ancillary boxes near parks to 15 cubic feet is an improvement that should apply to all poles.
  • The closest Personal Wireless Facilities/small cell antennas can be to buildings and windows should be 15 feet unless measurements can prove that radiation is not emitting into residences and buildings. The County of Montgomery MD established their distance based on a scientific review by independents engineers. SF should conduct scientific measurement or adopt MD’s report.
  • The revision increases the cubic ft by THREE HUNDRED percent from one foot to three for antennas. This will detract from the aesthetics of our neighborhoods and is a MAJOR concession to the TELECOM and their profit driven goals.
  • Lastly, standards must include that no leases will be longer than 5 years. Technology is changing quickly and multi-year leases are not appropriate.

Please safeguard to aesthetic beauty of San Francisco and the safety of its residents and visitors.